ASAHIYAKI is located in the Uji region of Kyoto Prefecture where is known as the center of tea culture, just across the Uji River at the foot of Mount Asahi, opposite the Byodo-in Temple.

ASAHIYAKI started the pottery works about 400 years ago during the Keicho era (Momoyama-Edo period) under the guidance of Kobori Enshu. It is regarded as one of the "Enshu Seven Kilns(Enshu nanagama)". In the times tea masters such as Sen-No- Rikyu and Kobori Enshu were active, the first kiln master Tosaku uses Mt.Asahi pottery clay, created tea utensils such as tea bowls and fresh-water containers that are favored by daimyo, official residences and tea masters.

After that, ASAHIYAKI have continued to make tea utensils in Uji without interruption for generations, in the latter half of the Edo period, the eighth generation Chobei started to make the sencha wares that is the prototype of the current shape. ASAHIYAKI grew up with the development of tea culture in Uji. ASAHIYAKI will continue to cherish the tea culture of the past and continue to walk with them.


Matsubayashi Hosai XVI Collection >

This is a collection of Hosai Mastubayashi's works by ASAHIYAKI, which continues for 16 generations.
These will post new works on the 1st of every month.

132,000 JPY

Flower vase, Kase , Hosai XVI

Hanaire"Flower vase" made by Hosai XVI of ASAHIYAKI. "Kase" is a traditional ASAHIYAKI style.

187,000 JPY

Chawan, Benikase , Hosai XVI

Chawan made by Hosai XVI of ASAHIYAKI. "Benikase" is a traditional ASAHIYAKI style.

209,000 JPY

Chawan, Geppaku , Hosai XVI

Chawan made by Hosai XVI of ASAHIYAKI. Hosai XVI's unique glaze expression work.


ASAHIGAMA Pottery collection >

ASAHIYAKI has four craftsmen and one painter. The items in this collection are they created is named Asahigama pottery collection. They keep philosophy which has been continued about 400 years in their Asahigama pottery collection.

Standard Item >

27,500 JPY

Tea pot with handle, Celadon

A small teapot with the handle of ASAHIYAKI.A teapot suitable for black tea or white tea. The number of farmers making black tea and white tea is increasing in Japan.

12,540 JPY

Cup & Saucer,Black x Geppaku S

Cup and saucer designed by Shigeo Mashiro, sfera, who specializes in soft designs. The shape of the handle is one of viewpoints.

12,540 JPY

SOLD OUT Cup&Saucer,Black x Geppaku L

Cup and saucer designed by Shigeo Mashiro, sfera, who specializes in soft designs. It's a little large capacity cup, so it's also used for soup.

42,900 JPY

Kahin Seiki ,teapot set

”Hohin", an unhandled tea pot that has been inherited since the period of the eighth generation Chobei.

Limited Item >

29,700 JPY

SOLD OUT Flower vase, Geppaku glaze L

Flower vase. fired in the climbing kiln "Genyo". Flower vase with a chamfered design. Characterized by complex coloring.

6,600 JPY

Candle cup, Mutsuki

"Mutsuki" is a candle cup created in collaboration with Asahiyaki, Japanese candle "Daiyo" and lifestyle brand sfera.

33,000 JPY

Tea Bowl, Genyo kiln, Geppaku glaza

Tea bowl fired in the climbing kiln "Genyo" on June 15, 2020. A beautiful Geppaku glaze with fine penetration, that is a tea bowl you can use and grow it using every day.

22,000 JPY

Tea pot, Hanshi " Local clay "

Tea pot made from local clay " Hanshi ". It goes well with Local tea.

Order Item >

33,000 JPY

SOLD OUT Flower vase, Geppaku glaze

Flower vase fired in the climbing kiln "Genyo". This flower vase that makes it easy to arrange flowers used for tea ceremony. It features a variety of blue colors.

8,800 JPY

SOLD OUT Kabuto, Celadon

Kabuto, a helmet ornament for celebration for boy's growth produced by Asahiyaki. It is a palm size and celadon glaze.

13,200 JPY

SOLD OUT Cup & Saucer, Celadon

Cup and Saucer with "Celadon" glaze. The inside of the cup is bright white so you can also enjoy the color of black tea or coffee.

7,150 JPY

SOLD OUT CUP TALL Yellow × BlueGreen

Japan Handmade is a collection born from the "GOON" project. It was created in collaboration with the Danish design studio OeO.

Tea Around Project >

The pottery will propose the tools around "tea". A tea bowl of a size that matches the Sencha bowl of Asahi ware, an hourglass of the number of seconds that matches Japanese tea made carefully. An item produced by the kiln, which is a tool required for the tea space.

7,150 JPY

Lacquered teacup saucer, M

It is a lacquered teacup saucer. Production of "Tenun (lit. sky-cloud) " supervised by Keiko Nishimura lacquer workshop. It just matches Asahiyaki M size teacup.

24,750 JPY

Tray with legs

Designed by Shigeo Mashiro, sfera, "Tray with legs", that is easy to use for enjoying tea on a table or tatami mat.

11,000 JPY

Tea Tray

Tea tray produced by Mr. Satoshi Nagano, Nagano Works, who studied woodworking in Finland. It is made from Kalopanax septemlobus tree that inhabit only in Japan, and the more you use it, the taste of tree will gradually increase.

3,300 JPY

Hourglass for brewing tea

An original hourglass made from crushed sand from Asahiyaki works. An hourglass completed by the techniques of Japanese craftsmen.