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100th firing anniversary Chawan Kase / Hosai XVI

Hosai XVI

In 1975, my grandfather XIV Hosai built the "Genyo" climbing kiln. We are still using the kiln today, about 50 years later.
Prince Mikasanomiya (part of the royal family) was invited to the first fire in the kiln. And she named the kiln "Genyo". Its name means "deepful" or "profound.

During the first firing of the kiln, My grandfather put a anniversary stamp on all of his works.Its stamp is Horse in Chinese characters. Normally, the chinese character for "horse" is right-facing, but the stamp is the opposite, with the chinese character for "horse" facing left.This is because it has long been believed that a horse facing left is good luck.

For the kiln's 100th anniversary firing I put my grandfather's special stamp on the works.I hope you will use this Cawan as a special auspicious work of anniversary.

Size Φ133×h82 mm
Material Kase" local clay "
Glaze Transparent glaze ,Overglaze Gold
Firing   Genyo " climbing kiln "
Packing  Wooden box" We will make a wooden box after ordering. It will take two weeks to complete. "

Price 253,000 JPY

100th firing anniversary Chawan Kase / Hosai XVI
253,000 JPY

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