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Red bean sweets for Gyokuro -Taste of lemon-

Tea Around Project

ASAHIYAKI requested saka Yamakawa to make delicate sweets go well with Gyokuro and Sencha teas.
Mr Yamakawa, who is a Japanese confectioner, starts his 'Anko, red bean' cultivation, growing azuki beans at Nishitakashima, northan part of Lake Biwa, a water source of Uji River. I was impressed by the special 'Anko' made by Mr Yamakawa, who grows his own azuki beans and completes his ideal sweets as a confectioner.
The name of this sweets is Funaasobi, playing with boats, the outer shape shows a boat. The Uji River, which connects directly to Lake Biwa, has seen a lot of boat traffic since ancient times. Many boats carrying bushes and firewood, pleasure boats for enjoying the scenery along the river used to pass along the Uji River Enjoy 'Azuki sweets for Gyokuro' with tasty tea, as if you were on a boat ride on the Uji River.
These are summer-only lemon azuki beans that are different from the originals.

Product Name Assorted Japanese sweets   
Size Monaka approx. 85 x 40 x H10 mm (6 sheets)
   Anko (red bean paste) 50 g x 2 jars
Manufacturer Chaka Yamakawa
Ingredients Sugar, red beans, yuzu, syrup/glycine

Price 1,512 JPY

Red bean sweets for Gyokuro -Taste of lemon-
1,512 JPY

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Red bean sweets for Gyokuro

Red bean sweets specially ordered to Chaka Yamakawa, which is suitable for the delicate taste of Gyokuro. Enjoy the special 'Anko red bean paste' with escellent Gyokuro.

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