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Shishimai for New year celebration /Dragon-pattern

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A series of ”Small sculptures”. Shishimai for New year celebration. The cloth pattern the lion wears is the Chinese zodiac sign for the new year " dragon ".

"Small sculptures” produced by ASAHIYAKI.

Helmet or Kabuto for Boy's celebration
Pumpkin for Halloween
A pair of dolls or Hinakazari for girls festival
Lion Dance or Shishimai for New year celebration

※We will make the wooden box after your order. Please allow two weeks for delivery.
※For gifts, the name and date of birth of the recipient can be written on the back of the wooden box. If you would like to do this treatment, please let us know in ordering item.

Size 68×47×h74 mm
Material Porcelain
Glaze Deep blue-green
Firing Gas kiln
Packing Wooden box

Price 8,800 JPY

Shishimai for New year celebration /Dragon-pattern
8,800 JPY

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