"Learn" at a 400-years-old pottery
"Experience" at ASAHIYAKI in Uji , Kyoto


Special pottery workshop " Create a Chawan " Sunday, April 14

- It's fully booked -

Special pottery workshop " Create a Chawan "

Sunday, April 14

This workshop will give you the experience of making  Kuro chawan "black tea bowl".  It is  the chawan that Sen no Rikyu had a potter named Chojiro make.You can learn about the history of Chawan while creating your own.

Date : Sunday, April 14th
Joining participants are requested to meet at shop & gallery at 10:00 a.m.
Capacity : 12 people
First-come-first-served basis
Fee: 7,700 yen

Please indicate on the inquiry form that you would like to join the "Special Pottery Experience on 4/14" and let us know your name and the number of people joining.
Email: sakuto@asahiyaki.co.jp
Your reservation will be completed when we reply to you.

・Participants will make tea bowl using a hand-cranked potter's wheel.
・The workshop is only for one day, so the finishing touches will be done by the instructor at a later date. Those who are interested in finishing can enroll in our free class.
・It takes about 2 to 3 months to complete the tea bowl.
・Finished tea bowl can be shipped domestically or internationally. In such cases, shipping charges will apply.

10:00  am   Meet at ASAHIYAKI Pottery shop & gallery
10:00   am   Start making "Kuro Chawan" 
Explanation of making tea bowl (30 minutes)
Actual production (about 2 hours)
12:30 pm   End
Please note that the ending time may be delayed

As a special treat, all joining participants will receive a ticket for the day of our tea ceremony, and will also enjoy the tea ceremony before the tea ceremony ends at 3:00 p.m.

Details of Tea Ceremony




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Special pottery workshop " Creating in Uji " Sunday, April 28

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The first session on April 28 will be "small pot of tea tree made with Uji ceramic clay".

This experience is created by slab building.