In traditional tea pottery
"Learn" about its history

ASAHIYAKI  Pottery Class   in Uji

This is a pottery class run by ASAHIYAKI, a tea pottery with a history of 400 years in Uji, a famous tea producing region.
Uji is also a region full of romance that has become the stage of history such as "The tail of Genji" and the Genpei War.
You can enjoy the pottery experience in a relaxed mood in the scenic environment on the banks of the Uji River.

A group activity called Rakutokai, where celebrities from Uji gather and enjoy making pottery, began in 1951.
This has become a pioneer in Japanese ceramic art classes and  the origin of ASAHIYAKI pottery class.  

ASAHIYAKI pottery class has  two course types: a class that you attend regularly, an experience that completes a pottery work with a one-time visit. There are various courses that are useful for both beginners and those who are learning in earnest. Please feel free to contact us.


ASAHIYAKI  Pottery Class  in Amagasaki

Another our pottery class, "ASAHIYAKI  Pottery Class  in Amagasaki " has been open in Amagasaki, Hyogo prefecture, since November 2016.

Classes are held 5 times a month, and all classes are free creation.
You can choose and make your own favorite content.
Since it is a monthly application, please make a reservation at your convenience.

Once a year, we hold a joint exhibition with  ASAHIYAKI Pottery Class in Uji.
We also organize excursions and social gatherings with classmates to provide fun through pottery.

・ 6 seats for hand-building, 3 seats for electric potter's wheel
・ One electric kiln  " Uses gas  for unglazed, oxidized and reduced "
・ Clay and glaze are the same as ASAHIYAKI Pottery Class

address : 2-3-2 Tsukiji, Amagasaki City, Hyogo Prefecture 660-0858 
business hours : 10:00 - 17:00
"Moring section : 11:00-13:30・Afternoon section 14:00-16:30"
Business day :  Wednesday, mainly the third Saturday

URL :  ASAHIYAKI pottery class in Amagasaki


About Summer Vacation Pottery Experience

Reservations for the Summer Vacation Pottery Experience are now open.

Every Other Week Class on Saturday starting in July

This is an Every Other Week Class on Saturday starting in July. The classes are held twice in a month, so it is easy for busy people to attend.

Weekly class program starting in June and August.

This is the class of 11 sessions with a specific theme for people who want to learn pottery deeply. If you are interested in our classes, please make an appointment for a class visit.

Trial Course of Weekly Class starting in June and August.

This is a trial course which you can try the first three sessions of the weekly class. After completing the three sessions, you can join the weekly course from the fourth session.

KBS Kyoto TV Program

Our potteries were featured in a KBS Kyoto TV program on Uji, Kyoto.

♦︎ Date: Sunday, September 3, 2023
♦︎ 10:30 p.m. - 11:00 p.m.