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Tea Cup, Rough clay Hanshi, Donawa ,ASAHIGAMA Pottery collection

Limited Item / ASAHIGAMA Pottery collection

The clay taste cup using Uji rough clay. Characterized by a darker color than a regular Hanshi. The carved string-like wire on the body allows it to be held without slipping.

size   Φ65×73 mm
Material Hanshi (Local clay)
Glaze Transparent glaze
Firing Gas kiln
Packing Paper box

Price 3,300 JPY

※This is Standard Collectiond. There are some individual differences depend on fired size and color taste. Please note that the products we deliver are not the same as those in this photo.
(The appearance of photos may differ slightly depending on the environment of your computer or smartphone.)
※If you would like more than one item for gifts, please contact us for stock information.  
※Before using it for the first time, soak it in water for about 10 minutes. We send this item under natural condition after firing.   If it is used as it is, it might easily stain.
※Every time after use,  wipe off water and dry thoroughly before storing.

item number
Tea Cup, Rough clay Hanshi, Donawa ,ASAHIGAMA Pottery collection
3,300 JPY

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