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Tea Tray

Tea Around Project

Tea tray produced by Mr. Satoshi Nagano, Nagano Works, who studied woodworking in Finland. Easy to use when carrying tea wares or when brewing tea. The inner dimensions of the square tray are 8 inches (24 cm) in size. It is made from Kalopanax septemlobus tree that inhabit only in Japan, and the more you use it, the taste of tree will gradually increase.

Creator Nagano Works
Size w240 x d240 x h28 mm
Material Kalopanax septemlobus tree
Painting Osmocolor (vegetable oil-based natural paint)

Price 11,000 JPY

※Please note that the work we deliver are not the same as you shown in this photo, due to individual differences in grain.
※If you would like more than one item for gifts, please contact us for stock information. 

item number
Tea Tray
11,000 JPY

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