ASAHIAYAKI Staff: Tea Ceremony in July Report
ASAHIAYAKI Staff: Tea Ceremony in July Report

As a staff member of ASAHIYAKI, I attended the Shorokai monthly tea ceremony today.

The monthly tea ceremony on 10 July was in the Sencha Nijoryu style, conducted by Ms Gasei Ichiki, which was designed to make the current hot and humid season feel cooler.

The first serving of cold gyokuro tea in a glass cup was visually cool, and the second was served after the fresh confectionery, which was inspired by the image of morning glory buds.

The first cup was full of the unique flavour and sweetness of gyokuro, while the second was sweeter and fresher.

I actually did not know the basic manners of the tea ceremony, however thanks to Ms Ichiki's careful instructions on drinking method and etiquette, I was able to relax and enjoy it.

I would like to sincerely thank you for this wonderful experience.

Asahiyaki staff