Special pottery workshop " Creating in Uji " Sunday, April 28

“ Creating in Uji “
We will not be able to ship your pieces overseas for this event only.This is because the tea trees are given to the participants for this event, but they cannot be taken out of Japan.The work will be completed in three months at this event. Only participants who can receive it in Japan are eligible to participate in this event.

Date :
April 28th, Sunday

Meeting place:
ASAHIYAKI Pottery shop&gallery

Time :
Morning class 10:00am~11:30am
Afternoon class 2:00pm~3:30pm
※The end time is likely to be delayed

Capacity :
Morning class: 12 people
Afternoon class: 12 people- It's fully booked -
※This reservation will be closed on a first-come, first-served basis.

Adult 5,500 yen
Children 4,400 yen
※This is the creation of one small pot.
※This created by slab building. It uses a mold and a sheet of clay (tatara). 

※Children's price is from 6 years old to 15 years old.
※The target age range is from elementary school students.
※Children are welcome. We look forward to your joining us as a parent and child.

“ Creating in Uji “ is a program that is designed to be a "place" to learn more about the local culture than the usual ASAHIAYKI experience. However, it is not a difficult experience. It is open to joining from elementary school age. Of course, as a "place" for learning, joining by an adult alone is also welcome.

The first session on April 28 will be "small pot of tea tree made with Uji ceramic clay".

・Learn about tea in Uji
・Learn how to plant tea trees.
・Learn how to make local ceramic clay.
・Making small pot with local clay

We have tea seedlings grown in Uji-Tawara. We can give them to you by hand after firing, or we can ship them to you. Please use the opportunity to learn about tea with your family by growing a tea tree in a small pot that you made yourself. We will give you the finished small pot together with our original text on how to grow a tea tree in the small pot we have prepared for you.

We have three special glazes available for this experience. Please choose one of your favorite colors on the day of the experience.

・Indigo glaze
・Beige glaze
・Black-brown glaze

※Only for this project, your pot cannot be shipped overseas.
※It will take up to 3 months to complete this pot.
※You can pick up your pot after firing at our pottery. If you wish, we can ship it to you if you are still in Japan after 3 months.
※Delivery fee will be charged if you wish to have the pot shipped to you.

Application Method
Please use Contact form or send an email to  Your reservation will be confirmed by our reply email.

Please indicate that you wish to join the "4/28 Creating in Uji" event.
Please let us know your preferred time of joining either the morning or afternoon session.
Please let us know the number of people joining and their names.
(If children between 6 and 15 years old are joining, please let us know the number of children as well.)