Secular change of pottery
Every pottery of ASAHIYAKI named Kase, Hanshi, Geppaku glaze and Matsubai glaze is made of potter's clay in Uji liver.
Current clay was exposed anything to the weather and aged for 100 years from 50 years after digging out.

Potter’s clay of “Kase”


Unused pottery before secular change

The pottery of ASAHIYAKI is particular about “yo-hen” that changes color when fired pottery and glaze coloring. It is totally beautiful and tasteful the more you use it.

Especially the potter’s clay of ASAHIYAKI is liable to aging.
Small cracks and harmonious hue show by secular change.

An unique feeling of hue gradually appears by soaking up hot water and tea, however it does not show during firing. Pottery improves with use.

It would be great if you could enjoy the secular change of pottery of Asahiyaki.

Brand Manager of ASAHIYAKI
Toshiyuki Matsubayashi