Guinomi ” Sake cup", Geppaku and Silver , Hosai XVI

Hosai XVI

I don't drink alcohol so much, when I create a sake cup, I usually think of it as a smaller size of a tea bowl. But this is an exception. The shape is not often used for matcha tea bowl and the mouth is sharply and thinly formed. It enough to say, feels more like a Sencha cup. The mouth feeling is designed to allow the sake to roll around on the tongue, little by little.
Placed in the front part of the kiln, where the temperature is much higher, the Geppaku glaze melts well and allows the clay of the base to show through, giving it an almost purple colour. On the inside, the melted and flowing Geppaku glaze are accumulated and crystallized in the bottom as a bright light-blue colour. The outside from middle to bottom is decorated with silver. The technique of silvering, which is normally applied over glaze, is directly onto the clay. The clay absorbs the silver and the silver varies in intensity, resulting in various appearances of white, slightly black or matt but shiny silver. It have not layered the glaze and the silvering on top of each other, but in this work, I dared to do so, so that between the purplish Geppaku glaze and the whitish silvering, there is a single line of the original lustrous silvering.
I have put my current feelings into this piece. Please enjoy this brighter sake cup compare with Geppaku overglaze work before.

Size Φ75×h35 mm
Material local clay
Glaze Geppaku glaze ,Silver glaze
Firing   Genyo " climbing kiln "
Packing  Wooden box" We will make a wooden box after ordering. It will take two weeks to complete. "

Price 22,000 JPY

Guinomi ” Sake cup", Geppaku and Silver , Hosai XVI
22,000 JPY

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