Specified Commercial Transaction Act
1.Store Information
Company name: Asahiyaki.Co., Ltd.
Store name: Asahiyaki

2. Responsible party
General manager:Yusuke Matsubayashi

3.Location infomation:

Address:Ujiyamada 11 Ujishi Kyotofu 6110021

4.Additional Charges

Delivery charges
Transfer fee(In case of bank transfer)


Delivery charges (VAT might be charged on the total price of you order in your country).
*Shipping costs are based on the area of residence and size with shipping costs according to the shipping company.

5.Lead time and Shipping
Shipment will take place usually within three business days after your credit card transaction has been approved.
We will ship out after payment confirmation. DHL & EMS are the designated shipping companies.
We will email you the product tracking number and confirmation URL after the product is shipped.
Please check the shipping status of the product at the URL.
If you have any problems, please contact us by replying to our email.

6. Defective product
Exchange for non-defective products

7.Exchange or returning products

You are required to contact us within 7 days of receiving the product in the case of exchange or returning products because of your personal preference.
(Except in the case you’ve received the wrong product, a defective product, dispatching of the incorrect product or a broken product
? we will repair or replace with a new one or refund by contacting us in advance.)
The customer is responsible for all shipping charges of returning products because of the customer’s personal preferences. After agreement of return, please ship back in the same condition with the original box we sent. We usually replace defective products with new ones.

If there is no stock available, a refund will be provided.
Please be aware that if a product is returned without any advanced notice,
a refund or exchange will be invalid.
We will check the condition of the product with you when we receive an advanced notice.
Depending on the circumstances, refunds or exchanges may be invalid.
The above stipulated return period has expired.
The appearance of such as color and/or shape is different if different than expected.
Any damage, scratches and/or stains caused by paper box (this excludes any damage caused during shipping).
We reserve the right to determine whether or not support is possible.

In addition, we cannot accept returns in the following cases.

・ Items that have been delivered for more than 8 days
・ Products used

8.How to order
We accept orders at our online shop or by e-mail.

9.Inquiry method
Please use the online shop inquiry form or e-mail.

10.Precautions regarding delivery date
Our products are all hand made and we may not be able to meet your due date demands.
In that case, we will inform you of the delivery date.

11.Payment methods and Payment period

Credit card payment
We will ship out the product after confirmation f payment. We do not ship out before receiving payment.

12.Return deadline
Please send the products back within 1 week after you’ve contacted us.
(Please refrain from returning the product after using it.)

13.Return shipping
In the case returning products because of the purchaser’s personal preferences,
the shipping fee is paid by the customers. (This does not apply to defective and broken products.)

14.Products handled
Ceramic products and other crafts