ASAHIYAK in the Future

Asahiyaki has moved and opened a new shop and gallery along the Uji river in July 2017. The former shop was a highly specialized space mainly selling the items for tea ceremony.  On the other hand, the new shop widely capture Japanese tea that may diversify in the future, as a pottery in Uji, we will continue to disseminate new ideas and projects related to Japanese tea lifestyle and culture,




New concept of Asahiyaki Shop and Gallery;


” Nurture space to the feelings for tea “


The most precious thing for Asahiyaki is the comfortable ambiance to enjoy  "tea time" which gives a modest, rich and deep pleasure in a daily life.




“ Main tea utensils for daily life “



As a pottery of Uji, Asahiyaki will continue to create utensils for aiming these concepts.

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