20170715 ASAHIYAKI shop & gallery
Asahiyaki Shop & Gallery' has been opened in Uji on July 15, 2017.
Asahi-yaki opened a new store 'Asahiyaki Shop & Gallery' in July 2017. In the new store, Asahi-yaki who worked on "Utsuwa" centered on teaware in the area of ​​Uji enjoyed "a moment of tea" which gives a modest, rich and deep pleasure in every day in a daily life. We will continue to disseminate new ideas and projects related to lifestyle and culture.

Asahiyaki's works include "Utsuwa" of the tea ceremony produced by the 16th Fenjisu and "Utsuwa" of the pottery collection produced by the workshop craftmaker.

There are various meanings even if saying "tea" by a certain amount. Culture is completely different even between "tea ceremony" and "Sencha". I think that there is also a difference in feelings towards "tea" alone. In order to be able to respond to the feelings of all of you, we value the role of "workshop" that is not a writer, but a factory in Asahi.

"Build" Utsuwa "to nurture the feelings for tea"

Based on the concept, we will continue proposing "Utsuwa" which will allow tea culture to be cultivated so that seeds can grow slowly, in the Asahi-yaki, we will be able to meet everyone's pleasant "tea moments".

Please drop in at our new store in Asahi-yaki at the time of coming to Kyoto · Uji once.