Matsubayashi Hosai XVI
In 2016 he attacked Asahi Shaku 16th Fusaire. Based on the aesthetic sense of the tea ceremony Kobori Enshu that is the foundation of Asahi-yaki, the tea ceremony as tea ceremony, tea ceremony, water finger, flower entrance etc. are mainly focused on the Asahiyaki tradition's deer and red currant , I am doing work of the moon white glazed flow which is a style of the sixteenth century and has a contemporary atmosphere. We actively held work presentations abroad, held tea ceremonies, held workshops spreading the tea culture, stay production and exhibition at the Leach kiln of St. Ives in the UK, work at Gimme Toyo Art Museum in Paris, France I have experience of holding exhibitions and tea ceremonies. 2017 Kyoto Takashimaya, Nipponbashi Mitsukoshi head office held a banquet commemoration exhibition.