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Hello, How are you doing? This is a Brand Manager of Asahiyaki Shop & Gallery.

Under the influence of COVID-19, Stay Home.  It’s continuing the days, not to be able to see you.  In times like this, enjoying a tea time to relax our mind is extremely important. Gathering and having a tea time with your friends should be happy in normal situation, but now I think it’s necessary to calm our mind and face ourselves by having tea time.

I would like to introduce “Stay Home, Enjoy Matcha” , the way for enjoying your own matcha at home.

Four procedures for enjoyment: Setting, Cleaning, Making, Drinking

What you need:
Tea bowl,  Bamboo whisk,  Matcha ( 2-4g, about a scoop),  Boiled water(70ml),  Room temp water(5ml)

Thermos,  Measuring spoon,  Waste water container,  Favorite sweets,  Cloth,  Tray


1.SettingIMG_6135Place them in the easy-to-use place around you.

2.CleaningIMG_6142Pour plenty of boiled water into the tea bowl to warm it up.

IMG_6156Discard water and wipe it with cloth.

3.MakingIMG_6161A scoop of Matcha.  Lumps are unnecessary to sift with a tea strainer.

IMG_6164Put matcha in the bowl

IMG_6170 Pour a small amount of water in it and knead with whisk gently.

IMG_6183Pour hot water over it and whisk quickly.

IMG_6190Repeat to move the wrist back and forth, lastly take it up from the bottom gradually. This is one of the key point to make smooth matcha.



4.Drinking  IMG_6194Have some sweets first, then enjoy green tea aroma.

IMG_6198Cover your face with matcha bowl to enjoy aroma, and drink it all, divided into several times.

IMG_6201Appreciation for the precious tea and drink up.  Of course no lumps are left with this procedure.

I would like to let you know “Make matcha” simply in this article.Something interests are there in the tea world.

“Stay Home , Enjoy Green Tea♪”


Three points that I would like to mention are below:
・Warm the tea bowl very well because of using room temp water when kneading powder.
・Boil water once, even for kneading. ( remove the smell of chlorine)
・Of course, it is the same in whisking matcha. Boil the water before use is necessary to remove chlorine

Brand Manager, ASAHIYAKI