Pop up shop 「Uji tea and pottery」 in Hyatt Regency Kyoto , Japan.

Asahiyaki Ware - Uji Tea and Pottery - Pop up shop & Special Experiences
Starting July 5 and until July 11, join us in Kyoto for a unique cultural experience! Explore the art of Asahiyaki pottery and the exquisite ta・・・

We are looking for new staff. ASAHIYAKI shop & gallery

ASAHIYAKI shop & gallery is looking for new staff.

This job description is to serve customers in our gallery.
Japanese is required for this job.

If you are interested in our job please send us a message.


ASAHIYAKIi Shorokai Monthly Tea Ceremony will be held on July 14 .

Join the Asahiyaki Shorokai Monthly Tea Ceremony Gathering!
Asahiyaki Shorokai Monthly Tea Ceremony will be held on July 14 .

Details of the activity
Join in our tea ceremony to learn about Japanese culture. Also,・・・

『SKY WARD』 May ,2024

ASAHIYAKI was introduced in May 2024 of “SKY WARD,” the official magazine of the JAL Group.

『京都 宇治 Uji City』Uji City Tourism Pamphlet

ASAHIYAKI chawan was featured on the cover of 『京都 宇治 Uji City』 a tourism pamphlet for Uji City.
We will propose "Utsuwa" which can cherish tea culture so that seeds will grow slowly, in the Asahiyaki we will be able to meet "pleasant moments of tea" everyone is pleasant from now on.

Access・Opening hours
Asahiyaki relocated the current store in addition to the workshop, opened a new store on July 15, 2017. The new store at this time aims to be a base to connect new tradition from the opening kiln of Keicho year to 400 years of future spinning future and to conduct new dissemination.
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