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Chawan, Paper tiger , Hanshi, ASAHIGAMA Pottery collection

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Reiwa 4th (2022) Chokudai(theme) of the Imperial Poetry Contest is "Window".

Chokuda is the theme of the new year poetry contest in the imperial palace, which is held every year.
In the tea ceremony, tea utensils are selected in the New Year along with the zodiac signs.
Then, we designed and produced both the zodiac "tiger" and the theme of imperial poetry "window" in one tea bowl.

At Sukunahikona Shrine in Doshomachi, Osaka, which is known as a town of medicine, when a plague (cholera) broke out in Osaka in the 5th year of the Bunsei era, a pill called "Torato Kikio Huangen" was made to eliminate the plague. It is said that the illness was healed when it was distributed together with the guardian "Hariko no Tora"(a papier-mâché tiger) to pray for expulsion.
The theme of the 4th year of Reiwa is "windows". I took the plunge and blackened the edge of the bowl to make it look like a circular window.
After drinking the tea, a papier-mâché tiger hanging from lucky bamboo branch appears in the bowl.

Size φ125 ×h75 mm
Material Hanshi" local clay "
Glaze Transparent glaze
Firing   Gas kiln
Packing  Wooden box" We will make a wooden box after ordering. It will take two weeks to complete. "

Price 27,500 JPY

Chawan, Paper tiger , Hanshi, ASAHIGAMA Pottery collection
27,500 JPY

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