Chawan, Geppaku , Hosai XVI

Hosai XVI

Geppaku glaze made from straw ash shows a very attractive expression when encountering the flames of the pine wood of the climbing kiln. Fascinated by its beauty, Geppaku overglaze style, which I have been working on since taking over Hosai’s name, has gradually become recognized by everyone and is now a representative style of the 16th generation Hosai.
Perhaps it may look the same to those who have seen it many times, but even during the five years after having inherited the generation, while constantly trying new things, the shape that I can make has changed and increased. I started to try this type of distortion method from the previous kiln firing, and finally I started to make a convincing one.
Since I value molding with a potter's wheel, the normal procedure of these tea bowls with a spatula are
1. Make a round shape with a potter's wheel.
2. Carve out while turning the hill on the potter's wheel.
3. Put a spatula.
4. Make a spatula and distort the shape without missing the softened timing.
On the other hand, Chawan introduced here are
1. Make a round shape with a potter's wheel.
2. Distort immediately.
3. Carve out the hill with a potter's wheel.
4. Put a spatula
By using this procedure, it is possible to create a shape that retains the softness of the first molding with the potter's wheel, even though it is in a more strongly distorted state.

Size 132×108×h90 mm
Material local clay
Glaze White clay , Geppaku glaze
Firing   Genyo " climbing kiln "
Packing  Wooden box" We will make a wooden box after ordering. It will take two weeks to complete. "

Price 220,000 JPY

Chawan, Geppaku , Hosai XVI
220,000 JPY

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