Chawan, Geppaku , Hosai XVI

Hosai XVI

As the 16th-generation Hosai, Geppaku glaze is a unique concept that is different from the traditional styles of "Kase (Fawn spot) " and "Benikase (Red Fawn spot) ".
Attracted by the beauty of the light blue, one of the styles has been completed through trial and error.

Using the rough clay of Hanshi, apply a fairly white decoration clay on it, then pour over Geppaku glaze called the pouring technique.

The combination with the rough clay and the burnt expression caused during the firing by the split pine logs, the beautiful and vivid Geppaku glaze of the light blue color coexist in contrast within a single space of Chawan.
To capture the gap between them, the whiteness of the decoration clay creates modernity and lightness. Chawan with Geppaku glaze embodies the "Kireisabi (beautiful and loneliness)" as the work of the 16th generation Hosai..

Chawan in the photo presenting overall round and soft form is a sofisticated, balanced work among Geppaku glaze style, in which the color of the white decoration clay and the charring condition of the clay are well harmonized. It feels not so heavy in handling, the glaze color development inside the bottom of Chawan is extremely beautiful..

Size Φ120×h80 mm
Material local clay
Glaze White clay , Geppaku glaze
Firing   Genyo " climbing kiln "
Packing  Wooden box" We will make a wooden box after ordering. It will take two weeks to complete. "

Price 220,000 JPY

Chawan, Geppaku , Hosai XVI
220,000 JPY

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Chawan, Geppaku , Hosai XVI

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