Uji tea is delicious tea leaves protected by the morning fog of Uji River which emanates from the intense climate of temperature difference. The soil of Asahi - yaki accumulated the soil flowing from the Uji River and accumulated for thousands of years and turned into clay. At the center of Uji culture is "Uji River".

In addition, in the early Edo era of the mountain castle 's famous scenic spot "兎芸泥赴"


A poem named Lee Kimura is left by the poet in 1684.
At that time, everything in Uji is related to "tea".
Uji always has "Uji River" and "Tea" in the center, and crawls there, "Asahi yaki" was raised.
The first ceramics used Uji pottery and produced tea utensils such as tea bowls and water fingers that were loved by daimyo, public houses, tea ceremonies in the era 400 years ago when tea ceremonies such as Sen no Rikyu and Kobori Enshu were active Did. In the latter part of the Edo era Yashiro Nagase, in the era when Sencha · Gyokuoku was born in Uji, began making tea cups which become the original shape of the present shape. It is about 150 years ago from now.
Asahi-yaki is a pottery growing up together in the development of Uji tea culture.
In the future Asahi-yaki will cherish the tea culture so far and will continue walking with the future tea culture.