Asahiyaki kiln
Asahiyaki currently has a gas kiln and climbing kiln in the kiln used for firing the work.

Since the characteristics change in the firing of the gas kiln and the climbing kiln, we burn the kiln while separately using both.

The characteristics of the gas kiln are easy to control. It can be raised as planned, so use it for works that stick to the coloring of delicate glaze and works that require a lot of similar coloring. Since "Utsuwa" of Sencha culture in the porcelain soil completed in Yatsushiro prefers delicate design and coloring, many items are fired in gas kiln at Asahi.

In Asahiyaki "Utsuwa" of the culture of tea ceremony has been producing for generations, cherishing the firing in the climbing kiln. Currently, the climbing kiln to use is the one that the 13th Fusaei built. From the His Majesty Mr. Mikasa Palace I received the inscription "Genkai". Research It is the culmination of the culmination which completed the creation of five climbing kilns which are said to be sufficient if one's eager XIII "one in one generation" makes it. Kiln firing uses only red wood firewood, burns temperature and heat little by little. Unlike gas kiln, climbing kiln is very difficult to control firing. Subtle ascending and descending of the temperature that can not be controlled, and the hit condition of direct flame hits greatly influence the coloring of the work. So, climbing kilns produce works with amazing scenery, but a lot of "Utsuwa" which is not a work is completed. However, we cherish "Asian pottery", "Matsubaraki" and "Firing in climbing kiln" that have been continued from the original ceramics very much in Asahi.