Varieties of Asahi production

Matsubayashi Hosai


Hosai, the fifteenth-general master of the Asahi workshop, specializes in ceramic vessels for the tea ceremony. They blend the traditions of Asahi pottery with Hosai’s unmistakable aesthetic sense.


Matsubayashi Yusuke


Matsubayashi Yusuke, Hosai’s eldest son, brings a youthful verve to wares made for the contemporary tea ceremony.


Asahi Kiln wares for tea


Tea wares from the Asahi workshop proudly acknowledge their connection to the town of Uji, renowned for its tea. The line focuses on vessels for preparing steeped tea (sencha), starting with the characteristic Asahi kyusu (hobin) tea pot.


Asahi Kiln wares for daily use


Asahi workshop products for the table include vessel forms for serving food and sake, and they blend Asahi’s tradition-polished skills with a fresh sense of design for contemporary life.


Japan Handmade


Japan Handmade is a new joint collaboration of craftspeople from Kyoto that applies traditional crafts to create novel design typologies for the international market. Japan Handmade offers a playful approach to Japanese crafts and is driven by a strong ambition to explore new boundaries and to bring the beauty and poetry of the Japanese design aesthetics to the world.