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Candle cup, Mutsuki

Limited Item / ASAHIGAMA Pottery collection

“Mutsuki”-mutsuki- refers to the moon hidden in the clouds, and is a word that gives you a sense of Japanese aesthetics that makes you enjoy the hidden moon. The pottery candle cups are made from pottery clay dug up in Uji and fired by pine wood in our climbing kiln. This is a special work that is produced in small quantities due to be fired only several times a year. The unique texture of each skin is coursed by fire work in the climbing kiln, and the sliver painting on the mouth gives off a soft, glowing light from the flame of Japanese candles.
"Mutsuki" -mutsuki- is a candle cup created in collaboration with Asahiyaki, Japanese candle "Daiyo" and lifestyle brand sfera. A cup of delicate form that enhances the rich expression of firing is set with rice candles by Daiyo, Omi handmade Japanese candle maker that have a history of more than 100 years as a specialty store of Japanese candles. Since natural materials that do not burden the environment are used as raw materials, the burning time is long, there is no odor and no scent, so it is an item that you want to use during meals and tea time with important people.

Size Φ80×h65
Material Local clay
Firing Genyo (the climing kiln)
Paking Paper box (with 1 tea candle)
Design by Shigeo Mashiro ,sfera

Price 6,600 JPY

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※If it gets dirty with a stick of incense, it can be cleaned by rubbing it lightly with baking soda.

※Please carefully read the enclosed "Precautions" before use.

※The cup is painted silver. Use in the microwave is strictly prohibited.

item number
Candle cup, Mutsuki
6,600 JPY

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