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Chawan, Zodiac tiger, Hanshi, Hosai XVI

Hosai XVI

The zodiac goes around 60 years. Next year is 39th zodiac sign, called Ushi-tora (Tigher). Recalling about 60 years ago, there was the Cuban Missile of Crisis
When I'm making the the Zodiac Tea bowl, I'm thinking about the memories of 60 years ago and praying the new year will be good one for everybody in all over the world.

Size Φ115×h100 mm
Material Hanshi" local clay "
Glaze Transparent glaze
Firing   Gas kiln
Packing  Wooden box" We will make a wooden box after ordering. It will take two weeks to complete. "

Price 66,000 JPY

Chawan, Zodiac tiger, Hanshi, Hosai XVI
66,000 JPY

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