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Flower Vase Kohiki , Hosai XVI

Hosai XVI

Unlike "Kohiki" used in the pottery and tea, it is fired at a high temperature, called yakishime with white makeup. In the work of Geppaku overglaze, I started to use white slip with a clear, bright and contemporary atmosphere. If it is used for flower vase, the color of the flower will be included, I thought it would be good to make use of only the expression of white without color, therefore I started to create this style.
The first room of the climbing kiln. I often put this type of work in the front, even no glaze, the ash that scatters leaves a trace of flame on the white makeup and brings a subtle change in the white. If it is burnt too strong, the elegance of work will disappear, surprisingly few things will reach the atmosphere that I should aim for. White makeup is not applied to the entire surface, but the lower part is always left on. It is said that "flowers are in the field", I think that we can feel the "field" by leaving the appearance of "clay".
The dark brown expression of the strongly burnt clay at the bottom, in contrast, the white part shows a quiet expression without being overly covered with ash, and the shape pulled up with a potter's wheel feels graceful with fine potter's wheel marks and soft bulge. Including the fact that the edge of the mouth is blackened by the flame and makes a firm impression, I think it became a good vase that complements the pretty flowers.

Size Φ225×h240 mm
Material local clay
Glaze Kohiki "white slip"
Firing   Genyo " climbing kiln "
Packing  Wooden box" We will make a wooden box after ordering. It will take two weeks to complete. "

Price 132,000 JPY

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Flower Vase Kohiki , Hosai XVI
132,000 JPY

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