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Tea set for the new year

Limited Item / ASAHIGAMA Pottery collection

For special Matcha time

"Uji" is a special area for Japanese green tea.
Both the farmers who produce tea and the pottely who create tea ware are strongly aware that they are in "Uji".

In April , we planned a "tea workshop to know Uji" with Kiyoharu Tsuji from Tsujiki and Osamu Uemura from Uemura Chaen, who are close friends
to Asahiyaki Shop and Gallery, Toshiyuki Matsubayashi.
Unfortunately, the workshop was canceled due to the influence of covid-19.
However, we are always looking for what kind of tea is produced in the area "Uji" and want to continue to send it out.

This project is the first step.

New Year with covid-19. Think about what kind of time you want to spend with your precious family in the New Year when you can't go far, having tea time should be importnat.
We have discussed and prepared a tea set to spend that special time.

It is a tea set that we wanted tea lovers to enjoy at the table rather than in the tea room for tea ceremony with your important partner.
I would be happy if you could order this special set with the tray selected by Asahiyaki.

Special tea set for the new year , Limited to 10 sets

・Tea Bowl, Genyo kiln, Geppaku glaza ASAHIYAKI
・Chasen green bamboo CHIKUSENDO
・Special blend matcha  TSUJIKI & UEMURARYOKUEN

Price 38,500 JPY

※Tea Bowl, Genyo kiln, Geppaku glaza

The bowl uses clay collected near the area where Uji tea plantations spread. The special ten bowls fired by kiln during the first tea-picking season. Because it is a beautiful Geppaku-glazed tea bowl with fine penetration, you can grow it up by enjoying matcha, powdered tea in your daily life.
The climbing kiln is a kiln where flames directly hit the work. There are many different expressions for the "utsuwa". This tea bowl is fired at the front of the kiln, Ichinoma (Ana kiln). The cloudy blue color that typically express Geppaku glaze is attractive.
Geppaku glaze is a natural ash glaze. Mainly made from straw ash.

Size Φ135×h67 mm
Material Local clay
Glaze Geppaku glaze
Firing Genyo (climbing kiln)
Package Wooden box (Limited Inro type)

※Chasen green bamboo CHIKUSENDO

※Special blend matcha  TSUJIKI & UEMURACHAEN

Net weight 20g

This Matcha is blended two kinds of Samidori cultivar, that is prepared by Tsuji and Uemura, which is produced under condition of Uji traditional under-covered method, and only first buds by hand picking. The best blend from different lands in Uji and collaborations with different producers.This is a special blended matcha that can only be purchased in this project.




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Tea set for the new year
38,500 JPY

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