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Matcha bowl ,Cow and Six Gourds ,Hanshi

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Theme of the Imperial Poetry for 2021 (Reiwa 3rd) 「Minori ( Fruit) 」
Chokudai is the theme that is the annual poetry tournament in the imperial palace in the beginning of the year. Tea utensils used in the tea ceremony are selected along with the zodiac signs and the title. This is a tea bowl named after the zodiac "Ox" and the title "Fruit". Gourd has been loved for a long time as a pattern of fertility, prosperity, and fruit. A cow sleeping peacefully in the gourd, hoping for no illness.

Zodiac works
Size 130x120xh75 mm
Material Hanshi (Uji pottery clay)
Glaze transparent glaze
Firing gas kiln
Packing wooden box

Price 27,500 JPY

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※Before using it for the first time, soak it in water for about 10 minutes. We send this item under natural condition after firing.   If it is used as it is, it might easily stain.

※Every time after use, wipe off water and dry thoroughly before storing.

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Matcha bowl ,Cow and Six Gourds ,Hanshi
27,500 JPY

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