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Tea Bowl, Genyo kiln, Geppaku glaza

Limited Item / ASAHIGAMA Pottery collection

Tea bowl fired in the climbing kiln "Genyo" on June 15, 2020. Because it is a beautiful Geppaku-glazed tea bowl with fine penetration, you can grow it up by enjoying matcha, powdered tea in your daily life.
The climbing kiln is a kiln where flames directly hit the work. There are many different expressions for the "utsuwa". This tea bowl is fired at the front of the kiln, Ichinoma (Ana kiln). The cloudy blue color that typically express Geppaku glaze is attractive.
Geppaku glaze is a natural ash glaze. Mainly made from straw ash.

Size Φ135×h67 mm
Material Local clay
Glaze Geppaku glaze
Firing Genyo (climbing kiln)
Package Wooden box (Limited Inro type)

Price 33,000 JPY

→430631 Tea Bowl,Genyo kiln,Geppaku glaze

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※Every time after use, wipe off water and dry thoroughly before storing.


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Tea Bowl, Genyo kiln, Geppaku glaza
33,000 JPY

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