For Dairy Use
Starting with Asahiyaki traditional teapot (Treasure bottle), we are proudly producing teaware as a Uki no Kiyomoto.

Asahi-yakin has kept making instruments related to tea for 400 years as a pottery of Uji Tequila.
It was around Yatsushi Chiefte around 150 years ago when I started making tea cups.
We are producing colorful coloring porcelain (stone thing) and pottery (earth soil) charming with the natural taste of Uji digging on our own.
The features of the Asahi-yaki teaware are in an elegant shape by delicate and polite making and rock molding.

Kiyama Seiichi (Kanaiki) is a teaware packed with Asahiyaki traditional techniques with the concept of "time to enjoy delicious tea for a while, in life". It houses Kawamama Seiichi, and together with a container box (cigarette) that snaps like a furniture into the living room, we are producing it in hopes of enriching the lives of those who use it.